Self Portrait

5 x 7 pencil on cardboard



Katie says, "I am inspired by other creative people and the magic they make. These creatives whose portraits you will see on this site, come from a variety of fields and include actors, musicians, models, dancers, designers, hairdressers, makeup artists, fellow visual artists and budding artists. My muses come from anywhere and everywhere."

Art has been an important part of Katie's life since the moment she could hold a crayon. She spent countless hours in her room creating as a child and was surrounded by nurturing, artistic support. She went on to study ballet and danced briefly with a professional company, before a genetic hip disorder ended her ballet career. Katie limped away from ballet and turned again to her visual art. She studied Visual Arts and Art History at Fordham University graduating Magna Cum Laude. Since then she has been quietly making art while teaching private art lessons, being a professional mama, and surgically repairing her hips. Ready to focus on her art full time, she is excited now to open her sketchbooks and share her art.

Katie is currently living in Bethesda, MD.